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Manual airless spray gun

Available from Sames Kremlin, the new SFlow™ manual airless spray gun has been ergonomically designed to help make working conditions easier for painters in the field. The SFlow is equipped with a swivel fitting on the handle and an ultra-light (2) or (4) finger trigger. It has a transfer efficiency of 81% and can be used with the company's extensive array of tips: 64) Tip Top reversible tips, (82) flat tips and (36) SKILL double-insert tips (coming soon). A large range of spray gun configurations and ‘Ready-To-Spray’ (plug and spray) packages are available to meet all applications requirements.


About Sames

SAMES KREMLIN and iNTEC SAMES KREMLIN become Sames to strengthen its fundamentals

On October 1st, 2022, SAMES KREMLIN and iNTEC SAMES KREMLIN will become Sames: a new name, a new logo, and values that are reinforced to better meet the technological and environmental challenges of its customers, partners, and employees.

An identity rethought with continuity

Since 1925, the only French expert in paint and sealant application solutions has been expanding worldwide in all industrial markets. With the acquisition of iNTEC in 2020, SAMES KREMLIN has strengthened its presence in the bonding sector. In 2022, the company will go even further by asserting its positioning with ambitions resolutely turned towards innovation and the preservation of the environment.

Sames: a return to its roots turned towards the future

This redesigned identity is an opportunity for Sames to express loud and clear a business philosophy rooted in its DNA and focused on customer benefits: Simply Applying Most Efficient Solutions, which is the acronym of its name. A development that allows it to refocus on its fundamentals: Sames supports its customers' industrial processes - the bonding of components and the protection and embellishment of the surfaces of finished products.

To put it simply, Sames bonds, protects, and beautifies all materials.