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Heavy-duty wire brush distresser

Dubois says its Model WBQ-52 heavy-duty wire brush distresser is primarily used to give materials a random, wood grain pattern. Key features include: independent brush height adjustment with digital indicators, variable speed brush drives and a customizable wire brush.

Normally the first process of brushing is wire distressing where the bristles can be customized to create different types of distress pattern. Next up is the denibbing process, which is needed to remove fuzz as well as trapped dust as a result of the wire brushing. Typically, these processes are followed by an anti-static nylon brush to thoroughly de-dust the material going through the machine.

The WBQ-52 can also be used for the removal of softwood (summer growth) from the surface of the product, providing an aged look and added grain texture. Materials meant for this process include wood composite decking, fencing, window parts, and more.