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Flexible coating line for wooden components

Available from Venjakob, the Ven Spray Vario spray coating machine combines the flexibility of an industrial painting robot with the high output of a reciprocating spray machine. It offers precise coating of edges by robot and coating of surfaces by reciprocator with constant speed ‘inline’, resulting in a constant workflow with no stopping, the company says.

An advantage of the system technology is a better cross-linking of the paint film at the transition from the surface to the edges, says Venjakob. Complex 3-D parts can be coated while stationary with the recommended use of the optional paper belt transport system. For further flexibility, the Ven Spray Vario can also be operated only in surface mode.  

A paint-recovery system along with efficient fan technology is designed to conserve resources and energy. The modular design also helps customers with changing requirements. As needed the plant concept can be expanded, such as one with a robot with a linear axis or two robots followed by a linear axis, adds Venjakob.  Constant parameters, equal exhaust and drying times of the workpieces are designed to guarantee reproducible results and best finishing quality, says the company.



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