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Finishing micro kits

EXEL North America, Inc. would like to announce that the New Cyclomix Micro Kits are now available.

The kits included in this announcement are:

·        Solvent Air Chop Kit

·        Fluid Management Kits

·        Ratio Test Kit

·        2 Color Expansion Kit

·        Flush Box Controller Kit

·        E-Stat Safety Kits

·        2nd Catalyst Kits

·        Data Link - Network Systems



·        The Solvent Air Chop kit allows for:

·        Faster color changes

·        Reduced solvent usage - up to 50%

·        Reduced VOC’s

·        Better flushing reduces chance of color contamination between color changes

·        Each time the flush is enabled the solvent air chop cycle starts



·        The Ratio Test kit with flow control allows the operator to do quick ratio tests without adjusting pressures or disassembling static mixers.

·        3-way valve assembly permanently mounts to the mixing block outlet.

·        The base flow valve assembly replaces the tubing fitting and plastic tubing on the existing 3-way valve of the manifold.


·        The Fluid Management kits control inbound fluid pressure for both catalyst and base materials. Fluid regulators make it easy to adjust pressure for precise ratio control.

·        Airmix or Low pressure (LP) regulator kits are available with or without filters.


·        The 2 Color Expansion kit allows for the addition of 2 colors to the CYCLOMIX™ MICRO 3 color machine.

·        The addition of the 2 colors is based on the CYCLOMIX MICRO’s 3rd color being selected and the small pneumatic panel directs the 3rd color valve pilot signal to standard 3rd valve or the 4th and 5th valves dependent upon the selection.


·        The 2nd Catalyst kit allows the end user to configure the CYCLOMIX MICRO for a second catalyst based on the color selected. Any 1 or 2 colors can be configured to select the 2nd catalyst valve.

·        With the kit properly installed there is no additional involvement from the operator to select the correct catalyst. Operate the CYCLOMIX MICRO as normal.


·        The E-Stat Safety kits allow the use of a electrostatic hand gun to be used with the CYCLOMIX MICRO. This kit safely disables the high-voltage during the flush and prime cycle.

·        The controller is a simple pneumatic circuit that disables the atomization air flow/pressure or the “High Voltage” enable contact electrical circuit to prevent the operation of the Electrostatics while solvent is present. It works in conjunction with any CYCLOMIX™ MICRO solvent valve pilot signal.


·        Operator freedom to perform other tasks during prime and flushing cycle

·        Allows material savings by optimizing prime function

·        Pot life management

·        Safer environment for the operator

·        The Flush Box Controller kit is a pneumatically operated timed circuit to trigger the gun in the flush box in conjunction with a CYCLOMIX MICRO operation. The timer is activated by any color or solvent valve air signal.


A program can be added to the CYCLOMIX MICRO as an option to collect the consumption data from multiple CYCLOMIX MICRO’s on a network. The program change allows each CYCLOMIX MICRO to have an unique address and each CYCLOMIX MICRO will now respond to commands over a network to send their individual consumption information to a main PC operating the Consumption Data Link software.

The Consumption Data Link software will allow the end user to view each CYCLOMIX MICRO’s consumption data by CYCLOMIX MICRO, by component and by color, tabulate the information, summarize the information, reset each CYCLOMIX MICRO’s consumption totals, and export the information to a text (*.txt or *.csv) file. The text file with its information then can be opened or imported into other spreadsheet or database programs.

Below is the link to the marketing and sales brochure including part numbers:…

For more information about the NEW Cyclomix Micro kits, please contact EXEL North America at 1.800.573.5554 or our marketing team at [email protected].


About Sames

SAMES KREMLIN and iNTEC SAMES KREMLIN become Sames to strengthen its fundamentals

On October 1st, 2022, SAMES KREMLIN and iNTEC SAMES KREMLIN will become Sames: a new name, a new logo, and values that are reinforced to better meet the technological and environmental challenges of its customers, partners, and employees.

An identity rethought with continuity

Since 1925, the only French expert in paint and sealant application solutions has been expanding worldwide in all industrial markets. With the acquisition of iNTEC in 2020, SAMES KREMLIN has strengthened its presence in the bonding sector. In 2022, the company will go even further by asserting its positioning with ambitions resolutely turned towards innovation and the preservation of the environment.

Sames: a return to its roots turned towards the future

This redesigned identity is an opportunity for Sames to express loud and clear a business philosophy rooted in its DNA and focused on customer benefits: Simply Applying Most Efficient Solutions, which is the acronym of its name. A development that allows it to refocus on its fundamentals: Sames supports its customers' industrial processes - the bonding of components and the protection and embellishment of the surfaces of finished products.

To put it simply, Sames bonds, protects, and beautifies all materials.