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Ergonomic, Adjustable Finishing Racking Equipment

Fast Rack Equipment manufactures and sells finishing/racking equipment to the wood products finishing community. Fast Rack Equipment has single-user capabilities. While the door being finished is still wet, a single user can easily and safely transfer the door from the spray transfer cart to the drying rack, says the company. It allows a single user to rotate and finish both sides of various full size doors, window sills, stair end caps, plywood sheeting and cabinet doors simultaneously, adds the company. The Fast Rack Equipment locking pin allows the user to adjust the lengths of the rack. The pins are used in the Fast Rack Drying Rack, Fast Rack Individual Cart and the Fast Rack Spray Transfer Cart. The Fast Rack Equipment is adjustable, ergonomic and mobile and can be disassembled and moved from shop to the jobsite. The racking and spraying carts have a left side, a right side and telescopic tubing that can be reassembled with quick connecting pins.