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Automatic spray system
Available from Giardina, the Dualtech 416 series spray machine is for automatic spraying of flat and raised panels, mouldings, and components of different shapes and sizes.  It can also spray a variety of substrates using solvent-based, water-based, mono-component, two-component paint or finishing products. All products can be sprayed with or without UV, in flat matte, satin, or high gloss coatings.  The company says the unique belt cleaning and paint recovery system as well as the “Dual-Fast” quick color change option keeps clean up, maintenance, and downtimes to a minimum.  This makes it a natural choice for both large and small production batches, Giardina adds.  
The Dualtech 416 series machines are equipped with the following features:
Maximum working width – 1300mm
Reciprocationg guns controlled by a “brushless” motor
Continuous reading of the product dimensions and electronic control for automatic spraying
Stainless steel exhaust air filtration tower
Air supply filtering unit (air heating and humidification systems on request)
Multiple independent spray circuits designed for 4 guns to spray a variety of coating materials
Optional features:
Wet or dry filtration systems
Removable water curtains for simplified maintenance (wet version only)
8 guns (4 + 4)
“Dual-Fast” quick change system for multiple spray head configuration