Abrasive belt cleaner

Ice Clean Systems' abrasive dry ice cleaning and dry ice blasting systems utilize small, rice-sized particles of dry ice as the cleaning media. Using high velocity air, these particles of dry ice are directed toward the surface being cleaned where the particles convert from a solid into a gas, leaving only the removed surface contaminant for disposal. The company says the particles will not generate any secondary waste. The belt cleaning process is said to save up to 90 percent of abrasive sanding costs, reduce downtime required for belt changes, and enhance quality.

About IceClean Systems

IceClean Systems now offers a PLC controlled sanding belt cleaning system, called IceClean-On, that is installed on sanders and uses a patented process incorporating dry ice particles and/or other mixed media (for thata part of the process patents are pending) to remove the wood dust buildup from both paper and cloth–backed sanding belts.

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