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Table Shaper & Sander
May 10, 2013 | 2:44 pm CDT

Voorwood exhibited its A11 Table Shaper/Sander at Ligna 2013. The table shaper simultaneously sands edge profiles, eliminating the need for hand sanding, says the company. The A11 is capable of milling all components of a cabinet door and simultaneously sand profiles as they are being shaped using Voorwood’s patented Turbosand sanding technology. It is also designed to size the substrate to the needed finished dimension and square the substrate as all four sides are being processed plus it will process straight edges as well as curved edged using a template system. Voorwood describes the A11 Table Shaper/Sander as a fast manually-operated production machine for producing cabinet doors. The A11 Table Shaper/Sander was a 2012 Challengers Award Finalist.

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