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Multi-Surface Sanding System

Dixon Enterprises presents the SurfPrep SPSS3X4 Sanding System, which can negotiate a variety of surfaces, crevices and materials, says the company. SurfPrep is an ergonomically designed 10,000 rpm random orbital sander, which offers a low profile. The 3”x4” rectangular orbital sander can be used on flat surfaces, recessed corners, profiles and moldings. A 12-foot ball swivel air hose allows for flexibility while dropping into drawer boxes and corners with no limitations, the company says. Dixon Enterprises also offers foam-backed abrasives that can be used as an alternative to traditional sandpaper sheets with SurfPrep. Dixon says its foam-backed abrasives offer greater flexibility and longer life, up to 10 times more than conventional sandpaper. The company adds that it was the first to use solvent-free adhesives to bond abrasive grains to backing, which help to greatly reduce heat buildup and extend abrasive life. In addition to wood, SurfPrep can be used on solid surface materials, metals, dry wall and more.

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