Wood grinders with push ram and powerful crusher
April 5, 2022 | 3:17 pm CDT

Castaly Industries offers a large selection of Lobo wood grinders. The grinders are specially designed with a push ram, powerful crusher for different materials such as wood, MDF, particleboard, plastic, rubber, corn cob, and other materials, the company says. It features excellent wearing ability and is impact-resistant for time and labor savings. It also features a large busting capacity and an easy feed system. The shaft rest for the cutter head is constructed by a round hollow with a special angle to keep cooling for long hours of usage. The cutter head angle cutting design allows aggressive cutting rates and high-speed shredding of waste with maximum durability, the company says. A movable screen for changing the size of chips allows for easy clean-up, the company says.

Wood Grinder WG-2535V.jpg