Shaping and sanding CNC machine
August 18, 2016 | 5:19 pm CDT

Bacci America CNC for Shaping & Sanding Cabinets Doors Outside Profile is a CNC machine for sanding and shaping. The machine is capable of producing 500 doors per day by featuring a sanding wheel at the end of the cycle.

The Bacci CNC sander shaper is a fully automatic machine, complete with an all-new user interface screen and controls. The operator scans a bar code on the door, which then triggers the pods to automatically position; the pod positions are also visible in the UI screen. The door is then loaded onto the vacuum cup tables and automatically positioned under the shaping head where it’s profiled.
The Bacci CNC has the potential to replace manual and semi-automatic shaping and sanding machines on the solid wood door line.