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Safety monitoring system

The SafeDetect from Weinig Holz-Her USA is a safety area monitoring system for the Holz-Her Epicon Series CNC Machines. SafeDetect’s radar system allows the CNC machine to maximize efficiency and safety without compromise, the company says.

The SafeDetect system utilizes six sensors that monitor the operator’s location in relation to moving areas of the machine without being affected by woodchips or dust. Additionally, ride-along lasers visually represent the safe areas to the machine operator.

If the operator stands within the machining vicinity, the CNC will slow down and stop within a safe distance and not make contact with the operator. When a stop occurs, a confirmation button allows for a simple restart where the machining program left off.

SafeDetect empowers operators to move freely around the CNC machine when in operation while ensuring that the moving gantry never comes in contact with the operator. This eliminates the need for zoned mats, light curtains, and slower machining speeds.