Positioning camera captures images in real time
May 2, 2022 | 11:59 am CDT

The Vision Design & Position vision positioning camera from Trotec Laser features a 12-megapixel lid camera that produces a live image of the work area to the operating PC in real-time.  Full color and detailed image of the laser bed and workpiece is displayed within Trotec's proprietary Ruby software, allowing the laser operator to position the artwork file exactly where the material is to be cut or engraved and to see a visual representation of how it will look before the job is started. The company says this feature eliminates the need for manual positioning of the laser pointer and having to save graphic position data to the software.

The integrated camera on the lid of the laser delivers a live image of the work area to the Ruby laser software in seconds. The graphic is placed on the workpiece in Ruby at the same scale. In this way, text can be set, a graphic can be designed or an existing job can be aligned directly on the workpiece, e.g. on a gift item or a cell phone, live in Ruby.