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Paperless Shop Tablet Apps
August 31, 2015 | 3:26 pm CDT

Mozaik Software introduces its Paperless Shop Tablet Apps. The shop floor apps are designed to improve a shop’s communication, productivity and accuracy, says the company. The Mozaik Label App runs inside the Mozaik Optimizer or as a standalone App on a user’s Windows Tablet. It supports both Dymo and Zebra printers, and is designed to make labeling nested sheets quick and easy, adds the company. Users select the sheet, touch the part, and print a label with graphic. The Apps are color coded to make it easy to identify which labels have been printed and which sheets have been completed, says the company. The Mozaik Cutlist App contains all the cutlist items for each job along with all shop drawings and product specifications. Parts are checked off as processed and progress is tracked automatically with color coded menus. The Mozaik Assembly App contains a complete list of all items needed to assemble each product in the job, from cutlists, to hardware, to accessories. Interactive drawings help users to visualize the assembly, measure tolerances, located mounting holes, and identify other important information. Pictured is the Mozaik Assembly App. Additional information is available at www.MozaikSoftare.