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Inventory and Remnant Management Software

Eurosoft  offers InStock Inventory and Remnant Management Software, which is designed to help users take control of chaotic inventories. It is a software tool that gives the user the ability to optimize, organize and track full sized sheet goods and reusable scrap pieces produced from full sized sheets. Items are stored in a structured database and managed with a modern user-interface that requires no database experience. Eurosoft says the contents of the database can be pulled directly into optimization software allowing optimizations to be run against an accurate reflection of the current real-world material quantities and sizes on hand in the factory. Utilizing and tracking remnants can significantly increase yield and efficiency, adds Eurosoft. Remnants of a correct size are saved to the database and subsequently moved into storage. The next time an optimization is run and remnant exists that can be used for the job, the operator is notified to retrieve the remnant from storage and confirms that the remnant has been used. Eurosoft calls it an ideal application to be used in conjunction with barcode labels and scanners that help to streamline the process additionally.