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Saw Trax Mfg. Inc. introduces the 2012 Panel Express Shop and Job Site Cart. The updated Panel Express can carry a variety of loads, including 10 half-inch sheets of dry wall or up to a 700 lb. slab of granite.  With the optional pivoting shelf, it can carry up to 18 sheets of drywall. The all-steel construction cart measures 26” by 21” by 19” high with a weight of just over 50 lbs., with 12-inch pneumatic tires.  The cart uses a patented padded bracing mechanism to clamp the load onto the cart. A 5-inch ledge on the side of the fixed brace can be used to load additional sheets of material or items such as a pre-hung window.  Strap slots are incorporated into the sides of the cart to secure any materials loaded on this ledge.  Optional accessories include a storage box and pivoting 9-inch shelf. The cart can be spun 360 degrees in place and has all terrain capability, says the company.