Ergonomic skid lift

Available from Interthor, the Thork-Lift can transport and lift a skid to the right ergonomic working height. It can lift and transport loads up to 3,300 lbs and is available with manual and electric lift. It is also available in a number of different widths and lengths, including 60-in. long forks. The Thork-Lift also has special tandem wheels, ensuring that the skid lift does not tip forward if wrongly loaded or with a load being too large. The support legs on the scissors legs lock and stabilize at lifting heights above 16 in., while the low construction ensures good stability while driving and this gives the user good visibility.
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About Interthor Inc.

Interthor is the North American subsidiary of the ergonomic material handling manufacturer Logitrans A/S Denmark.

We strive to reduce strain on the worker and increase efficiency!

Products offered include: skid lifts, manual pallet jacks, walkie stackers, material handling rotators, material tilts and electric pallet jacks. We offer custom solutions.

Interthor was founded in 1957 and distributes ergonomic material handling equipment throughout North America through a network of material handling dealers from its Chicagoland location.




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