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Cyclonic separator with single-stage dust collectors

The Super Dust Deputy 4/5 by Oneida Air Systems is a cyclonic separator designed to work with nearly any 1 to 3HP single-stage dust collectors. The separator eliminates the need for right-sized fittings, allowing for easy setup changes, the company says. The Super Dust Deputy connects to a single-stage dust collector and separates 99% of dust and debris from the airstream to eliminate filter clogging and suction loss. New features include two 4” OD adapters that allow the cyclone’s inlet to connect to a 4” or 5” hose and the outlet to connect to a 4” or 6” hose as needed. It can also connect to ducting with additional adapters. Made from static dissipative material to prevent static buildup, the 4/5 cyclone measures 14” wide by 23” tall and is compatible with all Super Dust Deputy drum kits from Oneida Air Systems. It can also be mounted to any airtight drum or barrel. The system includes a 4/5 cyclone, two 4” adapters, gasket, and hardware.

Oneida Super Dust Deputy 4-5