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Cloud-based ERP software

A cloud-based ERP software from Cetec ERP now features Order Batching. The feature allows users to group work orders together as a batch by keying in or scanning an order number and is included in all existing and new Cetec ERP systems.

On the new Batch view screen, time can be logged to the batch, and then split equally across all associated work orders within the batch. Additionally, the work order location allows users to update the production status of the batch, which will automatically update the individual work orders, keeping complete, real-time data on the production floor.  Materials can subsequently be issued (or picked) to a batch in proportion to the quantity needed for that material for each batched work order, providing accurate inventory management, and maintaining critical lot traceability.

In discrete manufacturing, the Order Batching feature allows machine shops and metal fab companies to schedule and group orders for production, speeding up production and data entry of time and order status. This keeps data entry low for shop floor employees and production managers or supervisors attempting to schedule efficiently and reduce machine downtime for setup and programming.