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CAD/CAM nesting software

BobCAD-CAM says its two new CAD/CAM software modules, Nesting Standard and Nesting Pro, offer advanced nesting power with intelligent sheet optimizing technology that can increase material usage by as much as 15% for sheet cutting on CNC router, laser, mill, plasma, and waterjet machines.
The nesting CAD/CAM also includes all new options for working with remnant sheets and custom sheet shapes. This means that any irregularly shaped leftover sheets from previous jobs, which normally might go to the scrap pile, can be used to nest more parts on future jobs, the company says.
The addition of modern CAM wizards also provide a logical workflow for the user to define important nesting parameters, like part counts, tabs, sheet margins, filler parts, part-in-part nesting, grain direction for wood and metal projects, thermal considerations for laser and plasma jobs, part and sheet priority levels, and more.