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Briquette press designed for industrial demands

Weima America Inc. will debut the TH 1200, a briquette press designed to meet industrial demands, at the IWF Atlanta trade show in August 2024. Its modular design integrates into existing wood shops or production setups. The company says it processes materials such as wood shavings, dust, and biomass, and ensures high throughput rates and superior briquette quality. The machine is also available in a Duo version, which doubles throughput with minimal additional space required.

The Weima TH 1200 briquette press includes enhanced dust control for increased safety and cleanliness in work environments, efficient space usage through the compression of wood shavings, and the potential for energy production. The briquettes are formed using only hydraulic pressure and without any added adhesives or binders, making them safe for energy use. Briquetting woodworking byproduct like dust and shavings protects employees and keeps production facilities cleaner and safer.

The TH 1200 features a large material hopper, available in two sizes (1,400 x 1,400 mm or 2,000 x 2,000 mm). It comes equipped with a rotating agitator and discharge auger to increase surge capacity. Standard hydraulic oil cooling allows for multi-shift, unattended operation, and the touchscreen PLC control system display ensures optimal component coordination. The large hydraulic oil tank prolongs operation by keeping the oil cooler for extended periods, enhancing throughput and overall machine robustness.


The TH 1200's modular design allows for customizable components to adapt to specific production needs, making integration into existing production lines convenient. This press produces rectangular briquettes measuring 150 x 60 mm with variable lengths, providing a reliable solution for various industrial applications.