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Bench top dust collector

The BenchTop Mini dust collector from Oneida Air Systems delivers on-the-go source collection for power tools lacking dust ports, including rotary tools and hand sanders. When placed in close proximity, the BenchTop Mini continuously captures fine dust as it’s being generated, preventing the majority of particles from escaping into the shop air.
Features, include:

  • Features high-performance, variable-speed fan motors to provide quiet, powerful, and uniform airflow.
  • Ideal for a wide variety of applications and tools, particularly those that produce fine dust such as wood carving, hand sanders, and rotary tools.
  • Analog control adjusts the fan speed to meet the needs of any application.
  • Slim design offers portability and ensures an easy fit on any workbench.
  • Magnetic side vanes snap on quickly and ensure optimal airflow.
  • Dual-filter system significantly prolongs the lifespan of the internal MERV 12 filter, with economical 3rd party replacements widely available.
  • Built to last with robust galvanized steel chassis and reinforced rubber handle.