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ArtCAM, a division of Delcam, announces that its new artistic CADCAM software range, ArtCAM  2015 R2, is now available for general release. Key features include:

Enhanced 3D printing: Choose to manually or automatically create intelligent supports for 3D printing & add to a tray for batch printing.

Quicker assembly of designs: It is now easier to manipulate designs with improved assembly tools to rotate, drag & undo changes.
Faster machining simulation: The new algorithm divides a design into blocks for simultaneous simulation by your computers GPU/CPU.

Group relief layers: Complex designs are even easier to achieve by grouping relief layers together. This can be done for front & back reliefs.
More Live 3D modelling: Create centreline ridged or smooth domed shapes with live Contour Blend & make intricate weaves in real-time!
Interactively blend Relief Clipart: Pull or push down the height (Z axis) of selected Relief Clipart to blend with another relief or piece of Relief Clipart.

Improved relief machining: 3D Offset / 3D Offset Spiral machine from inside or outside clearance areas to reduce tool & material damage.

Fillets for corner machining: Add fillets such as Dog-bone & T-bone to accurately CNC machine slots or add loops for knife cutting.

Help creating vectors: Snap hints help you to quickly spot hard to find snap points such as parts of a vector.

Watch the video at www.youtube.com/watch?v=jYwvmymYm3w

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About Autodesk ArtCAM

ArtCAM is a proven software solution for CNC routing, with extra functionality for woodworkers that want to add unique artistic design to their manufacturing. ArtCAM Express is designed specifically for the smaller business looking for an entry level program. ArtCAM insignia combines the ease of use of Express with 3D modeling and manufacturing tools for optimization. ArtCAM Pro provides a total 3D package, with unique modeling tools, combined with powerful yet simple machining technology

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