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February 27, 2015 | 4:50 pm CST


KCD has developed its KCD Touch optimized software for tablets, laptops and PCs into version 10. The company extended version 10’s capability for mobile use from design and pricing cabinets all the way through the building production stage. The new technology was developed in partnership with Cabinotch. Version 10 best software production practices include: traditional cut listing, Cabinotch precision-cut North American hardwoods and CNC manufacturing. In addition to perusing more than 100 new door styles in version 10, cabinetmakers can now edit the individual door details like stile and rail dimensions for a custom look. Cabinetmakers using CNC also can specify multiple jobs together, individual parts and replacement parts. They can specify the grain rotation and quantity for each piece. Unit menus have exploded with new additions to the Frame and Frameless libraries and the Osborne Wood Library (included) plus new valance styles, hutches, countertop styles (with “smart” custom profiling), appliances and closet features. Added mobile features make using a PC tablet on the jobsite a groundbreaking organizational tool – saving job site pictures with handwritten notes, cabinet designs and pricing – all in one place, the company says. Cloud-friendly feature makes the entire job file accessible at once to a production team.

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KCD Software Releases KCD Cabinet/Closets Version 10