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Pin Type LCD Moisture Meter

General Tools and Instruments' MM70D Pin Type LCD Moisture Meter with Remote Pin Type Probe is a precision digital moister meter for use with wood, construction materials, furniture, paper and more. The MM70D displays exact moisture level readings via LCD. It offers data memory and can store up to 99 readings, including minimum, maximum and average readings. It also offers wood group scales with the ability to select from eight wood species groups. The MM70D can be converted to measure moisture levels via a non-invasive method by using General’s optional MP7022 external roller type probe. The Wood Scale Display features a digital dual LCD display, with multi-function indicator with a Sampling Rate of 0.3 seconds. It has built in calibration adjustment and a battery life of approximately 250 hours of continuous use with the backlight off. The unit measures 6.0” x 2.2” x 1.26” with a weight of 5.5 oz. including the 9V battery. The MM70D Meter comes with two 0.5” pins, and the MP7021 External Pin-type Probe measuring 39” long with 0.5” pins plus an additional set of Interchangeable Long Pins (0.9”), a protective fabric carrying case and manual.

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