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November 5, 2012 | 5:01 pm CST

Wagner Electronics announces the availability of the new WoodH20 Android Application in the Google Play Store. Used with a Wagner moisture meter the free app offers a tool for a variety of woodworking, wood flooring, or hobby wood projects, says the company. It offers a simple to use EMC calculator with solutions for common wood moisture-related problems, including buckling, flooring cracks or gaps, checked finishes, crowning or cupping, adhesive failure, fuzzy grain, end splits, sunken joints and more. To determine EMC, enter the relative humidity and ambient temperature. The app also provides easy access to Specific Gravity settings, Wagner Meter manuals and other resources to help with woodworking projects. The Wagner WoodH20 app also provides links to SG settings, manuals, and other wood moisture related resources for a one-stop EMC and wood moisture resource. 

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