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October 3, 2012 | 9:07 am CDT

Larson Electronics’ introduces the MGL7-480-2X120V, a temporary power distribution system which allows operators to tap into high voltage 480 VAC electrical current and step it down to useable single phase 120V. The MGL7-480-2X120V System is equipped with two 120 VAC outlets and includes integral breaker and fused protection for safe operation. This 7.5 KVA transformer can be used for industrial operations where standard 120VAC is unavailable but required for the operation of equipment and lighting. It can be used for work operations such as plant turnarounds and new construction and allows operators to safely tap into three phase 480 VAC power sources to provide power for equipment and lighting that requires 120 VAC, says the company. This unit connects to the primary 480 V power source through an included 25 foot long power cord fitted with a 30amp, 480v, 3 phase 4 wire male plug.


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