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IWF: Smart dust collector
The Oneida Smart Dust Collector has infinitely variable fan curve, which means that it can automatically adjust and maximize air volume and suction to a wide range of tools, hose sizes and even undersized suction ports. For 4-in., 5-in. and 6-in. dust ports, it provides much more air volume and pressure (up to 26-in. of H2O) two to three times that of a standard dust collector. It easily overcomes the high resistance of flex hose applications. For woodworking tools with 3-in. or smaller dust ports, you'll get high suction similar to a shop vacuum. The result is a lot more air at the WW tool and much less fugitive dust escaping to the shop air. Ninety-nine percent of the waste is pre-separated with a high-efficiency cyclone and clean air is returned to the shop through GE H12 certified HEPA filter media. The Smart Collector is equipped with patent pending Flame Guard arrestor for fire safety. It also features a drum overfill sensor with a strobe light, so you know when it's time to empty the drum. The Oneida Air systems Smart Dust Collector will be featured at the IWF 2010 Trade Show in booth #7168 and is a finalist in the IWF 2010 Challengers Distinguishes Achievement Award.