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X-Carve Pro turnkey CNC

Inventables announces the X-Carve Pro, to enable small businesses to bring larger CNC projects in-house, allowing for greater manufacturing capabilities and generating even more income from their work. The X-CarvePro can be used for batch manufacturing, molds, cabinetry and built-ins, signs, art, large-scale productions and more, and is available for pre-order October 6, 2020, for shipping April 2021.

The X-Carve Pro is designed for multiple audiences: makers who want to make the leap from smaller, individual crafts to full production lines, scale entrepreneurs looking to expand their businesses and take on more projects, and those already running successful businesses who want to run more efficiently and are dependent on machines that guarantee repeatability, speed, and accuracy within a limited floorspace.

X-Carve Pro’s features include:

  • Assembles in less than 4 hours and plugs into any standard 110v outlet
  • A 4’x4’ and 4’x2’ carveable area (dependent on model purchased)
  • The ability to carve full 4’x8’ Sheets by section - with Easel Pro’s new Tiling feature
  • Rigid gantry with 25mm ball screws and linear guides for faster, more accurate carving
  • An integrated 1.5KW air-cooled spindle with pre-programmed VFD
  • Dust collection system designed for deeper carving, compatible with most shop vacuums

The X-Carve Pro includes three years of Easel Pro, Inventables’ web-based CNC design software, which allows users to seamlessly move from idea to product. In addition, Easel provides an intuitive, no-prior-knowledge-required experience, an integrated library of two million graphics, and the ability to import G-Code, PNG, and DXF files from any software that exports it.

“To date, over 30,000 users have relied on X-Carve and Easel to build their businesses - but as businesses grow, so do their needs," said Zach Kaplan, CEO and founder of Inventables. "X-Carve Pro has been in the making for over five years, and has been created with the feedback of thousands of X-Carve & Easel customers. The result is a solution that provides the full package: sophisticated hardware, intuitive software, and unparalleled customer support.”

Inventables continues to offer same-day phone and email support (M-F 9a-5pmCST) from the US, providing a one-stop point of advice for both hardware and software, as well as hosting a highly-engaged and active forum of around 20,000 posts to-date. This means all types of makers and businesses have access to a wealth of knowledge, information, experience, and best-in-class support.