Vertical machining center

Available from SCM, the Morbidelli Cyflex S is a small machining center for vertical drilling, with the ability to produce up to 400 pieces per shift. The company says it is ideal for Batch 1 production and drilling on five faces of  the panel with routing and grooving  operations. Equipped with a kW 5.5 electrospindle and a drilling unit with 18 independent spindles, the Cyflex S can process parts 200-3,050mm long, 70-900mm high and 10-60mm thick.                 


About SCM

SCM, established in 1952 and headquartered in Rimini, Italy, is a leading producer of the most technologically advanced industrial woodworking machines in the world. With 27 production facilities and 26 foreign subsidiaries, SCM has over two million machines installed and operating in 120 countries, has over 3,800 employees, and 1/2 billion dollar turnover.

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