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Metalworking CNC machines
September 19, 2021 | 9:23 pm CDT

AAG Tailored Cutting Solutions announce the all-new AXYZ METALWORKER CNC router and the WARDJet M-Series waterjet to their line-up of powerful CNC machines. These high-performance cutting systems are designed to deliver results while pushing the boundaries of creativity and manufacturing excellence. 

METALWORKER is a router designed with an elegant user interface and robust construction, breaking through tradition with high-end finishes achievable at top cutting speeds. It comes loaded with standard high-performance features optimized to cut Aluminum, Copper, Zinc, Metal Composites, Mild Steels and Stainless Composite.  A rigid frame coupled to a stress relieved gantry is designed to reduce tool motor vibrations and provide high edge quality.

The M-Series waterjet is a high-speed high acceleration large format solution for large and multiple sheet production. It allows for multiple head configurations on a single gantry. With the ability to park heads outside of the cutting zone, you won’t sacrifice the full cutting envelope to a single head. The hardened helical rack and pinion drive allows up to 1400ipm high accelerations while maintaining extreme accuracy.

Both cutting systems use a highly intuitive CNC control system powered by AAG MOVE.

AXYZ Metalworker CNC router

About AXYZ Tailored Router Solutions™

The extensive range of CNC Routers engineered by AXYZ Tailored Router Solutions™  are well suited to the woodworking industry. Processing large volume sheets fast and efficiently with a variety of options including multiple heads and auto toolchangers, they offer unbeatably smooth cut quality and help streamline productivity for woodworkers everywhere.




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