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Five-Axis Router Series
June 13, 2014 | 9:09 pm CDT

MultiCam introduces its new 8000 Series Five-Axis Router. The 8000 Series with five-axis technology allows for the expansion of production capabilities and lower production time, says MultiCam. It offers a range of standard features including a 12-position automatic tool changer, automatic tool calibration, one-piece stress relieved, steel frame, Ram-Z-Axis assembly and more. Its gearboxes provide efficiency and a high-service life, while the 2,700 inch per minute rapid traverse reduces production time, adds MultiCam. The 8000 Series Five-Axis Router features an easy-to-use OSAI five-axis control package for multitasking and a touch screen interface that is compatible with AlphaCam and other PC based CAD/CAM software, says the company. Applications for the 8000 Series include cabinetry, 3D carving, signs, musical instruments, acrylic fabrication and thermoformed trimming.


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