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Corner rounding edgebander

Castaly offers the  Edura line of 3mm corner-rounding edgebanders. Running at speeds up to 60 FPM, the Endura edgebanders come standard with a gluing station, an automatic tape feed and pressure wheel station, dual end-trimming motors, fine top and bottom trimming motors, top and bottom corner-rounding motors, a scrapping station, and two polishing wheels. They can also be equipped with a pre-mill station, an additional set of rough top and bottom trimming motors, and dual top and bottom grooving motors.


About Castaly Machine Co.

Based in Los Angeles, CA, USA, Castaly Machine has been servicing the U.S. market for over 30 years under the LOBO & CASTALY brands.

“Now with 12 corporate factories and more than 15 ODM factories in Taiwan and China, Castaly Machine has been creating, building and modifying our line of machines based on the engineering knowledge of 38 years in the industry; originally in Taiwan.”

Castaly Machine offers a wide range of top-quality machinery from small user requirements to large scale industrial manufacturers all at reasonable prices. Castaly Machine makes every effort to ensure its equipment meets the highest possible standards of quality and durability. We are pleased to offer an extensive line of woodworking machinery including but not limited to CNC routers, moulders, edge banders, rip saws, band, table and panel saws; wide-belt, edge, curve and profile sanders; boring systems, lathes, planers and raised panel door shapers.