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Saw combines panel and beam saw features

The Fimal Concept 350 PLUS Saw offers the advantages of a beam saw along with versatility of a panel saw, the company says. The basic structure is numerically controlled with only one position to ensure the planarity, squareness of all the measures.

The Concept is available in 3 versions, with different squaring lengths: 2600 / 3200 / 3800 mm.

The Concept 350 is equipped with a reading system of the panel able to determine the width automatically placing the blade in proximity of the end of the panel itself, avoiding the wait for empty runs with consequent saving of time. 

The adjustment of depth of the groove or scoring is made by rotating a bushing with numerical decimal counter, without opening the sawblade change door.

As well as making the machine more secure, the pressure beam throughout its length ensures excellent stability of the workpiece, which is also ideal for non-planar or thin panels, the company says. Like a traditional circular saw, Concept 350 can tilt the blade up to 46°, the inclination is run by Plc with digital decimal display.