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Router table accessory
August 18, 2022 | 10:24 am CDT

Next Wave CNC says the new Shark RS1000 PRO will transform nearly any router table into a full-fledged two-axis CNC. The company's patented Shark technology allows the fence and lift to move in direct relationship to the bit while providing 12 inches of fence travel for larger projects and 3.6 inches of available lift. The RS1000 PRO integrates an onboard processor with LCD color touchscreen pendant control for easy operation and comes preloaded with applications for more than a dozen common router and specialty joinery functions, including box joints, dovetail, dado, and lock miter. The Shark RS1000 PRO works with any standard 3.6-inch router motor, features removable table inserts for larger bits, and has an integrated 2.25-inch dust port.



Next Wave CNC