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Nested Based CNC Router
March 17, 2014 | 5:44 pm CDT

MultiCam introduces a new, heavy-duty version of its 3000 Series nested based CNC router for the woodworking and cabinet industries. The machine features a heavy tubular steel, welded and stress-relieved frame, 25 mm linear bearings and custom engineered steel castings supporting the gantry. A variety of vacuum tables (up to 80” X 120”) and a 100% duty cycle, 13 HP automatic tool change spindle are standard. All machines can be equipped with either a 4- or 9-spindle optional 32mm drill bank. All 3000 series machines feature a high-speed simultaneous 3-axis motion control system and MultiCam’s user-friendly, hand-held operator interface.  MultiCam’s EZ-G code software is included and all machining systems are fully compatible with any of the popular cabinet software packages, says the company. For additional information, contact the company.

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