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Accu-Router Series II High Velocity CNC Routers are retrofit versions, created through the company‚Äôs Green CNC program featuring re-acquired and modernized  fixed gantry routers. Highlights of the new Series II High Velocity include five times faster rapid positioning and cutting speeds; rapid positioning 3,000 in/min (XY), 800 inches per minute (Z); and cutting rates to 1,500 in/min and plunging rates up to 600 in/min. Other features include a double hold down system (rollers and 40 HP bleeder vacuum) for tighter nests and minimal part movement whether 1-up or stacked, says the company, plus liquid chilled HSK 63F power draw bar spindle that is interfaced to an eight position automatic tool changer; built-in flotation balls and perimeter swing-up stops for panel stack location; and a new Fanuc model 0i-MD CNC control with 512K of memory, Ethernet and PCMCIA communications ports, and AICC automatic cornering software. All Series II High Velocity CNC Routers feature a full warranty.


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