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Reconstituted Wood Veneer Line

M. Bohlke Veneer Corp. introduces the newest addition to its Vtec reconstituted wood veneer product line: quarter cut Santos Rosewood.  Natural Santos Rosewood veneer has grown in popularity, says Bohlke Veneer, because of its rich and colorful overtones. The extreme fluctuations in consistency of color, grain pattern, sequence and size, however, cause Santos Rosewood to sometimes be difficult to work with, adds the company. The reconstituted version of Santos Rosewood offers consistency and a striking resemblance to the natural veneer, says the company. The Vtec reconstituted veneer line is an eco-friendly and cost-effective approach to real wood veneer. Other benefits of the Vtec Reconstituted Veneer include the ability to match other natural veneer patterns and rich, beautiful grain patterns with uniformity and consistency on a large scale. The reconstituted veneer line offers large inventories of veneer with consistent color, grain structure and pattern that is FSC certified and CARB2 compliant material. The Vtec line includes several species, cuts and size options. The potential for customization is enhanced with Vtec because of its ability to provide consistency throughout all elements of the design for architects, designers and woodworkers, adds the company.