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Production pocket joinery

Discover why Castle is an industry leader in production pocket joinery. Made in the USA, TSM-30s create Castle’s low-angle pocket, are easy to use, and include exclusive, adjustable, built-in indexing stops. Designed for continuous operation and minimal maintenance, TSM-30 Series is available in three different voltage options.

About Castle USA

Castle USA is an American machinery manufacturer championing the cause of the entrepreneurial woodworker since the 1980's. Castle products are assembled in the USA, using USA-made and globally sourced components. Their product offering includes a superior line of “Castle low-angle” pocket hole cutters, face frame assembly tables, and a variety of tooling. Castle users include large scale manufacturers and small, professional, cabinet and woodworking shops as well as hobbyists and DIYers. Each Castle product is designed to increase productivity as well as the quality of the work result.