Five Piece Door Collection Adds New Colors

JB Cutting is partnering with Stevens Industries to bring seven of its Legno Collection colors in JB Cutting’s Craftsman Series 5 Piece Door line. The Legno Collection features colors that are unique with a true grain texture and specific, individual characteristics that are appealing, says JB Cutting. Legno is split into three different categories: Tokaj Alder, Ashe Palomino and Walnut Tiepolog. JB Cutting will focus on two of the three, Tokaj Alder and Walnut Tiepolo. Tokaj Alder’s tight yet full cathedrals give it a rustic feel, but the color remains modern, adds the company. Walnut Tiepolo is more linear with a soft, realistic feel, say JB Cutting. A full list of all Craftsman series colors and profiles available is listed on a chart at the Order Page of the company’s website.  For samples of the Legno Collection or any of the other 5 Piece colors that JB Cutting offers, call (586) 468-4765 or email [email protected]

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