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Cordless 23-gauge pinner

Grex Power Tools says the GCP650 is the first and only cordless 2-in., 23-gauge headless pinner. The GCP650 features a one-piece driver design, auto-trigger lockout, and power adjustment knob that accommodates for different wood hardnesses and nail lengths. The narrow nose design also gives users the ability to drive nails at any angle or in tight corners. The driver tip is tapered to create the smallest mark possible for minimal puttying, the company adds.


About Grex Power Tools

CORDLESS or AIR-powered; be a better craftsman with proven precision built GREX tools. It's the same award-winning robust build quality users have trusted for 25 years. GREX continues to lead the industry’s innovation of 23 Gauge Pinners. Don’t be fooled by look-alikes. The difference is in the details.