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Cordless 21-gauge brad nailer

Grex Power Tools says its GCH850 is the first and only cordless 21 gauge brad nailer in the market. It has the ability to drive nails up to 2-in. in length, with a holding power close to that of an 18-gauge brad nail, and a hole size closer to that of a 23-gauge pin. This results in time and cost savings by being able to go onto a jobsite with only one nailer instead of two different tools, Grex adds. The GCH850 cordless brad nailer touts the same size, weight and ergonomics as the GCP650 2-in. 23-gauge cordless pinner introduced in 2019.



About Grex Power Tools

CORDLESS or AIR-powered; be a better craftsman with proven precision built GREX tools. It's the same award-winning robust build quality users have trusted for 25 years. GREX continues to lead the industry’s innovation of 23 Gauge Pinners. Don’t be fooled by look-alikes. The difference is in the details.