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Camless & clampless connector system
March 21, 2017 | 5:07 pm CDT

Developed in Owensboro, Kentucky, FastenLink™ is the producer of the FastenLink™ System, winner of the 2016 Challengers Distinguished Achievement Award at the International Woodworking Fair in Atlanta. FastenLink™ is a hidden connector system that joins materials in a fast, economical and innovative way that replaces all fasteners and eliminates the need for clamps, cams, screws, and antiquated joinery systems. The FastenLink™ system uses a patent-pending design which utilizes the uniquely shaped link, and the ramped pocket to create a pre-tensioned joint when fully engaged as it seats into place for a tight and precise assembly.  Using standard woodworking equipment, Fastenlink™ simplifies manufacturing, reduces assembly labor, and delivers a finished product free of exposed fasteners. For manufacturers, FastenLink™ is an easy retrofit, requiring only the use of standard CNC machinery. With the purchase of a bit to cut out the ramp, wooden dowels can be eliminated for with the Fastenlink™ dowels. At that point, manufacturers can conceptualize countless ways to make a better profit. With FastenLink™, the company adds, the possibilities are endless.