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New rattan styles

Designs of Distinction has expanded its Cut-to-Size Materials line with new rattan styles. The company now carries four styles of rattan webbing: basketweave, herringbone, hexagonal, and radio/square. DOD says its rattan webbing is crafted in traditional Vietnamese fashion by Vietnamese artisans and finely woven from natural cane fibers with no additives or preservatives. The rattan can be painted, stained or kept natural using mineral or linseed oil. Lightweight, durable, and easy to clean, rattan can be used in a wide variety of projects, including furniture, lighting, and decorative screening. The rattan can be shipped in rolls or cut-to-size based on specification.

About Designs of Distinction by Brown Wood Inc.

Designs of Distinction®, a Brown Wood, Inc. product line, is a complete line of stock decorative wood and metal materials for both residential and commercial markets.

Designs of Distinction® has been a leading supplier of components and materials to the residential and commercial markets, as well as small custom cabinet makers and large OEMs alike, since 1998. It continues to lead the industry in new product development by taking today’s trends and re-imagining them into products that work for residential and commercial design. Proprietary manufacturing and customized purchasing programs such as consignment and JIT are hallmarks of the Designs of Distinction® brand.

From the moment the first cabinet maker called and asked us to make a leg that was “bigger and wider, to hold up a countertop,” to the day we introduced our first metal component in 2014, Designs of Distinction continues to lead the industry in the latest materials, finishes, and components for kitchen, bath, and furniture.

Custom components are our specialty – furniture components, store fixtures, or otherwise – Designs of Distinction can help you bring your next project to life.

At Brown Wood Inc., we aim to be your single source American-Made custom wood components partner. Through our two distinctive brands, Made-To-Spec® and Designs of Distinction®, Brown Wood Inc. serves as an industry leading partner to manufacturers, retailers, distributors, engineers, architects and interior designers.