Single-step gloss finish for MDF

Available from DVUV, UVMax Gloss is a one-coat, single-step high gloss finish for medium density fiberboard.  The company says the single-coat finish eliminates the need for primers, multiple coats and extra labor. DVUV’s process completes a finished part in 20 minutes or less, resulting in significant time and cost savings, the company adds.

Samples are available upon request.


About DVUV

DVUV is the innovator in UV-cured powder coated finishes for MDF, Medium Density Fiberboard wood. DVUV combines advanced powder coating chemistry and UV-curing processes with over three decades of experience in finishing MDF to deliver innovative finishes to our customers. We provide finished components for the retail, healthcare, hospitality, education, office industries and more.

Our UVMax® UV-cured powder coating for MDF opens up new design possibilities by delivering brilliant, durable color that provides seamless coverage over curvilinear shapes, contoured edges and three-dimensional surfaces, all in a 20 minute process from start to finish.

We make finished pieces to order, providing turn-key production from drawing to finished parts. Once a customer gives us a drawing and finish specifications, we work with our network of MDF mills and CNC machining companies to source materials and finish them in our UV powder coating facility. Contact us to learn more today or to request a sample or quote!




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