Hardware or bling - with Knikki Grantham

Executive Briefing Conference
The Woodworking Network Podcast
July 17, 2023

Woodworking Network Podcast with Will Sampson Episode Summary

Will Sampson talks about the role of decorative hardware in modern cabinetry and the challenge it presents for designers and custom cabinet shops. His guest is Knikki Grantham, creative director for the prestige hardware brand Belwith Keeler.

Episode Notes

This episode of the Woodworking Network podcast was sponsored by the Executive Briefing Conference. It’s really easy for woodworkers to stay stuck inside, focused on their shops and production. But over the last couple of years, the pandemic has forced them be even more isolated than usual. And it’s even harder if what you want is to network with the top-level executives in the industry. Where and how can you do that? The answer is the Executive Briefing Conference coming this September at the spectacular Broadmoor in Colorado Springs. This is an unparalleled opportunity to boost your business with intelligence on techniques, tools, and technology and to feed on inspiration from real leaders in the industry. Not to mention take in all the high-altitude hospitality, beauty and recreation offered by the Broadmoor. Learn more at See you there.

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Knikki Grantham
Creative Director, Belwith Keeler
Will Sampson
Will Sampson
Editorial Director, Woodworking Network / FDMC Magazine