RE: The mystery of why woodworkers don't network
By Scott Russo, Operations Manager, California Closets Philadelphia/Delaware


I too was at the Closets Conference & Expo this year. This was my first time attending this conference and the wealth of information, and the contacts I made, was invaluable. 

I, along with my colleague, received some mixed responses to our presence. A few were very happy to see us there and a few met us with curiosity as to why we would be there since our franchise holds its own conference. 

Our response was quite simple — because we don’t know everything and want to learn and share experiences with like-minded people in the industry.
I have a background in architectural millwork and prior to that a 20-year career in manufacturing within Fortune 500 companies retiring from the technical side of that world as a C-level employee looking for a new career. I recognize the value of networking.

This industry, like all others, is evolving and new technology in production, artistic capabilities and materials is and will continue to change. The value proposition that I could share to the woodworking world, having come from it, is to not keep your head in the sand.

Customers are becoming more educated in products thanks to social media. If you want to maintain an edge, thrive, and just simply stay alive, you need to listen and share with others your experiences of your business with other business owners. 

From this, you will learn what works and what doesn’t and potentially avoid expensive pitfalls or bad investments with your business; or worse not investing at all.

Steve Russo
Operations Manager
California Closets

[Editor's note: You can read the original column that this letter responds to.)


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