Saws, the most essential tool in the wood manufacturing arsenal, will be everywhere at IWF 2014, with 110 companies listed under the category in the Show Directory - not counting blades, fences, tables and accessories. 

Among that list of exhibitors (below) are Putsch USA. Known for vertical panel saws, Putsch has announced a first U.S. showing of its horizontal beam saw, the Vantage 95 Horizontal Beam Saw. Putsch says with the Vantage 95 beam saw introduction, "We are able to offer complete panel sizing solutions - from one panel at a time to high-volume production."

SawStop is introducing an optional sliding crosscut table attachment for all its existing SawStop saws. It can rip or crosscut items up to 48” deep and 43” wide. The fence extends past 58” for material support. It features an easy-adjust for the proximity of fence to blade and a single knob for easy adjustment. Its oversized miter gauge measures to 60 degrees.

TigerStop has a non-stop line-up of IWF 2014 introductions, including a cross-cut fence and further integration of its crown miter cutting program into the TigerStop fence line-up. TigerStop is announcing its Precision Rough Mill, a flexible work cell that combines TigerRip 1000 with TigerSaw 1000, the optimizing cross cutting machine.

Stiles Machinery has a technology addition to its panel saw line up: the Holzma dustEX dust extraction system. Without operator involvement, the dustEX single-direction air ball valves blow air horizontally instead of vertically – creating a cushion of air to move dust toward a redesigned program fence where it is vacuumed into a collection unit. The Holzma dustEX eliminates dust damage to both surface panels and saw table plates.

Compressed air guns to clean cutting lines and blow air toward the back of the saw. The Holzma dustEX is a finalist in the IWF 2014 Challengers Award program.

  Exhibitors Listed at under "Saws"    
Accurate Technology 6427
Adwood Corporation 5729
Adwood Corporation 5829
Aiken Development LLC/AikenControls 4661
ALLTIM-e Machinery LLC 7239
Anderson Group America 6412
Arrow Tooling 7568
Bacci USA 7949
Baker Products 6735
Boeshield T-9® 5437
Boise Cascade Company 2010
Carolina Machinery Sales 8057
Casadei-Busellato 6452
Cater Tools Supply Inc. 7741
Centric, Inc. 5552
Colonial Saw Company, Inc. 5523
Conception R.P., Inc. 7100
Construcciones Mecanicas Valencianas S.L. (Comeva) 8013
Cooper Machine Company, Inc. / Incomac 4321
Cresswood Shredding Machinery 5428
Cut Technologies 7800
Deulen Tools 4253
Diehl Machines 5701
Doucet Machineries, Inc. 7021
Equipment, Ltd. 7191
European Woodworking Machinery Company 6734
FABA S.A. 7353
FELDER Group USA 6752
Ferwood srl 5070
Friulmac, Inc. 6729
Frontline Engineering 4219
General International Mfg. Co. Ltd. 6748
Giben America, Inc. 7873
Giben America, Inc. 7973
Goldtol Tools Co., Ltd. 8155
GUHDO-USA Inc. 6935
Gyokucho Trading Co., Ltd., Japan 4342
Hasko / Haskan / Mekanika 7839
Hickory Saw & Tool, Inc. 4560
HOLZ-HER US Inc 5953
Industrial Timber & Lumber Company 2162
J & G Machinery, Inc. 7925
James L. Taylor Mfg / JLT Clamps / Cameron Automation 5535
Joos USA, Inc. 6749
Kanefusa USA Inc. 6169
Kentec, Inc. 6174
Koch Ltd. Machinery & Systems 6135
Kreg Tool Company 4327
KVAL, Inc. 4927
Laguna Tools, Inc. 7772
Laguna Tools, Inc. 7581
Lico Machinery, Inc. 7121
LOGOSOL 7801 5423
Maggi Technology 7921
Martin Woodworking Machines Corp. 6569
Mereen-Johnson LLC 5567
MultiCam, Inc. 5547
Newman Machine Company, Inc. 5035
NYVE Corp. 4439
Ogden Group 5129
Oliver Machinery Company 6769
OMGA, Inc. 6753
Pillar Machine 6990
Pony Tools, Inc 4259
Putsch & Company 6529
Raptor ® Nails & Staples 1306
RazorGage, Technical Services, Inc. 7280
Richelieu Hardware 2007
Rilesa Aps 8153
RT Machine Co. Inc. 5047
Saber Diamond Tools, Inc. 6012
Safety Speed Manufacturing 6013
Saw Systems 5554
Saw Trax Manufacturing Co., Inc. 4814
SawStop 6712
Schelling America, Inc. 6446
Schmidt Co., Inc., Charles G.G. 5514
SCM Group North America 6452
SCM Group North America 7535
SCM Group North America 7555
Sharp Tool Company, Inc. 7000
Siempelkamp L.P. 2146
Solid Wood Systems, Inc. 6129
Stiles Machinery Inc. 5053
STRIEBIG Vertical Panel Saws 5523
Super Thin Saws Inc. 6534
Sweed Machinery, Inc. 4952
Tech Mark, Inc. 7253
The M.K. Morse Co. 7534
TigerStop LLC 5074
TigerStop LLC 5747
TIGRA USA Inc. 4834
Tormek 4761
Triton Tools 7290
Ultimizers, Inc. 6157
USNR 1916 5447
Veneer Services/Biomass Engineering + Equipment 8000
VIRUTEX, S.A. 4539
W Squared Diamond Tool LLC 4524
Weinig/HOLZ-HER 5952
Weinig/HOLZ-HER 5953
Wood-Mizer LLC 6773
Woodworker's Supply, Inc. 7244

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