TOKYO, Japan - Hideharu Maro has been named the new president and representative director of Toppan Printing. The company said Maro will focus on accelerating overseas expansion, continuing Toppan’s advancements in technology, manufacturing, and innovation, and further driving efforts to transform the company into one that creates value and addresses challenges faced by society on a global scale.

Toppan made news earlier this week with news of its acquisition of Interprint, also an international printer of decorative papers and products for the woodworking and other industries. The transaction is expected to be completed by the end of 2019.

Maro was appointed as a director in 2009, and has held positions overseeing Toppan’s international operations, including stints in Shanghai and Singapore. He most recently served as executive vice president and representative director.
In a message posted on the company's website, Maro said the company has set Healthcare & Life Sciences, Education & Cultural Exchange, Urban Space & Mobility, and Energy & Food Resources as four growth fields into 2025.

"At the same time, we are focusing on expanding both global operations and cutting-edge, new businesses," he said. "The digital revolution has brought a paradigm shift to modern society. Correspondingly, Toppan is developing and providing a greater range of end-to-end solutions that combine our core printing technologies with new, transformative technologies meeting the changing needs of the market.

"A key part of this is driving digital transformation, where we will concentrate on such areas as digital marketing and manufacturing to even better serve our customers from every angle. We are also expanding globally with a focus on security solutions, where we can leverage superior technical capabilities, and packaging and décor materials, where population increase will drive market expansion."

Toppan's U.S. subsidiary, Toppan USA, is located in Illinois. Toppan Interamerica, which designs, prints and supplies decorative materials, is located in Georgia.

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