ST. LOUIS -- Alfatherm SpA, a manufacturer of 2DL and 3DL thermoplastic foils, has announced a new distribution partnership with Toppan Interamerica (TIA). Toppan will market and promote Alfatherm’s new Serica super matt 3D and 2D solid colors to its customer base.

Giuseppe Cerizza, president of Alfatherm North America, Inc., said: "We are very proud to announce this collaboration with TIA, our business has grown exponentially in North America and this will be a great addition to this strategic expansion.”

Serica super matt has a silky finish and robust anti-scratch and anti-fingerprint technology with the added benefit of thermal healing of micro scratches.

It is designed to cover all types of decorative rooms in the home as well as offices, store fittings, and can be used by exhibition contractors and specialized projects. Toppan will be stocking the Serica line of standard colors by fall of 2018. See

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